General FAQs About CourseBridge

What is CourseBridge?

CourseBridge is a new academic “energizer” tool from Time4Learning that can provide remedial or accelerated learning in English Language Arts (ELA) or math for middle and high school students. The content of each course is curated by educational experts to capture the critical knowledge and skills of the broader course.

How does it work?

CourseBridge’s courses are designed to focus on key learning objectives and high-priority skills so that your child’s time and effort can lead to maximum results. CourseBridge pairs video-based instruction with what is known about good teaching. With a goal of building a strong foundation, CourseBridge lessons begin by activating what students already know. New information is presented in a structured, sequenced approach, breaking down concepts to improve mastery, and providing opportunities for students to demonstrate understanding through ungraded assessments.

Is CourseBridge right for me?

When it comes to middle school or high school English Language Arts (ELA) or math…

  • Reinforcement
    • Is your child struggling to understand concepts?
    • Would your child benefit from relearning material in a different way?
    • Does your child need additional practice applying what has been learned? 
    • Are you worried that your child may forget or lose their skills during school breaks?
    • Does your child have learning gaps that need additional support before starting next year’s material?
    • Are you concerned about an upcoming standardized test and want to help your child prepare efficiently by targeting key objectives?
  • Enrichment 
    • Can your child get ahead by taking higher grade level course work?
    • Do you want your child to benefit from a preview of next year’s content to strengthen skills and build confidence?
    • Is your child preparing for college, military, or career entrance or placement tests and wants to review the essentials in ELA or math?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, then Time4Learning’s new CourseBridge program  is perfect for your family!

Do I get to choose my courses? What is available?

Yes! You can choose the courses that your student needs. Unlike other online short-course options, you can choose specific courses in English language arts and math from a full range of middle and high school levels. We understand that students’ needs can change, so you have the option to adjust the learning level once during the six-month course membership.

The following CourseBridge courses are available:

English Language Arts

  • 6th Grade Language Arts  
  • 7th Grade Language Arts 
  • 8th Grade Language Arts 
  • 9th Grade Language Arts 
  • 10th Grade Language Arts  
  • 11th Grade Language Arts  
  • 12th Grade Language Arts  


  • 6th Grade Math
  • 7th Grade Math
  • 8th Grade Math
  • Algebra I
  • Geometry 
  • Algebra II
  • Pre-Calculus

Each course includes direct instruction, interactive practice, online assessment, and an end-of-course exam.

How much does it cost? Is it cheaper than private tutors?

Our sixth-month course membership is offered at a one-time fee of $54.95! If you are not completely satisfied (within the first 48 hours), you can take advantage of our money-back guarantee. You can also add additional courses at a 10% discounted rate with any active CourseBridge membership. 

This cost is much less than a private tutor. CourseBridge courses can also teach content in a way that differs from the original instruction. Exposure to alternate forms of the same material can deepen your child’s understanding and help to create new associations for retaining information.

How are CourseBridge courses different?

CourseBridge courses are short courses focusing on key academic skills. Education experts have designed CourseBridge content to align to standards, so you can rest assured your child is learning what they need to know. Our courses include many of the same elements of comparable full-length courses, including teacher-led video  instruction, interactive practice, online lesson quizzes and an end-of-course exam. Our courses are also designed to be relevant to your child’s experiences to help engage their critical thinking in real-world scenarios.

Rather than a robust PreK-12 curriculum like Time4learning, CourseBridge courses consist of focused lessons to teach essential academic skills in middle and high school Math and English Language Arts.

How long does it take? 

The amount of time spent per day is up to you, but each CourseBridge course is designed to teach the fundamental concepts in about three months. The average CourseBridge course is 25-30 lessons, which means that if your child spends 30-45 minutes per day engaged with the material, your child can complete the entire course in three months! 

Do I need to grade my student’s work?

Your family’s time is important. CourseBridge includes automatic grading of online quizzes and tests with immediate feedback, AND robust feedback for practice activities to enhance learning through periodic ungraded tasks.  Parents are provided with scoring guidance for the few instances where parent feedback may be required.

Can I download progress reports?

Yes, course reports with student progress will be available.

How can you enroll your child in a CourseBridge course?

Simply sign up for a course for a one-time fee of $54.95! If you are not completely satisfied (within the first 48 hours), you can take advantage of our money-back guarantee, but we know you will love CourseBridge!