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Afterschool and Summertime Skill-Building

CourseBridge is an online program that offers middle school and high school courses to support and enhance learning, whether your student needs to catch up or wants to get ahead.

  • Flexible and 24/7 accessible program
  • Standards-aligned and targeted instruction
  • Customizable course selection
  • Automatic grading and real-time progress monitoring
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Fill learning gaps
Complete these concise video-based courses to revisit essential skills. Captivating lessons focus on specific areas where your child may have gaps or incomplete understanding. These lessons are tailored to be applicable to your child’s experiences, ensuring they can relate, retain information, and apply critical thinking in real-life situations.

Thousands of Lessons

Prevent learning loss
Keep up the learning and prevent falling behind by reinforcing key concepts. Our engaging lessons break down material into manageable, bite-sized sections to support retention. Students can redo quizzes, tests and practice activities and receive automatic grading for real-time feedback.

Student-Paced Curriculum

Build momentum for next year!
Get a confident head-start on next year by previewing core topics. Parents can choose from math and language arts courses to target the subjects that their student needs most.

k-8 pricing

6 months of access

10% discount on each additional course

high school pricing

How are CourseBridge courses different?

These courses include many of the same elements of comparable full length courses, including teacher instruction, interactive practice, online lesson quizzes and an end-of-course exam. The primary difference is that these are short courses focusing on key academic skills.

How long do the courses take to complete?

The amount of time spent per day is up to you. Students spending 30-45 minutes a day can complete a course in roughly three months, although each membership includes six months of access.

Do I need to grade my student’s work?

CourseBridge includes automatic grading of online quizzes and tests with immediate feedback, and robust real-time feedback for practice activities. Parents are provided with scoring guidance for the few instances where parent feedback may be required.

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